Shaping Industry in Central PA since 1946

Our commitment to the revitalization and growth of the area has resulted in many outstanding buildings and landmarks in a variety of industries. Our diverse portfolio includes banks, churches, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, strip malls, manufacturing facilities, performing arts centers and many renovations and retrofit projects. These experiences have afforded us the opportunity to employ the latest construction techniques and materials. It enable us to perform at the highest levels of craftsmanship and integrity, resulting in an outstanding finished product. 

Read on to learn more about the prominent industries we work within, and you'll begin to understand why we're standing strong after more than seven decades.

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The heartbeat of every corporation is in the people it employs. They live and work every day in a space that ideally provides sound, effective construction. We always strive to create intelligent, ergonomic design which can elevate production efficiency. 



Industrial construction, among other things is the designing, repair or demolition of buildings such as factories and commercial warehouses. Everything is bigger in this space, and we understand the large scale utility requirements and processes to transform a plot of land or demolishing existing structures and creating a fully functioning industrial plant or warehouse.

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Institutional / Higher Education

For colleges and universities, more than ever before, the pursuit of knowledge is requiring a better living and learning environment. Our extensive experience with designing and building all types of institutional projects has guided our methods of understanding this intelligent and ever fluid space. 



We consider the importance of every religious project we are awarded. Religious buildings are not the largest of our projects, but they have grown to become some of our most creative works. We take great pride in our ability to create a balance between beautiful detail and useful sactuary… no matter the denomination. 

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Commercial / Retail

With the emmergence of online shopping, retail centers need to be more compelling than ever to draw people back into physical stores. Great design can provide a unique experience destination, help capture the interest of shoppers, and pay dividends for business owners again. 



From hospitals and research facilities, to urgent care and family physician offices, healthcare buildings are essential to the well being of the people of our community. Designing these essential structures requires a delicate balance of technical requirements and the needs of doctors and patients.  

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